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Andro Tartaglia


Tour guide 

Andro was born in 1981 in Split. He had a huge passion for tennis until he turned 17 and found himself at the crossroads – whether to continue with his tennis competitions or to get out there to do different things and gain experience exploring the world. Based on his choice, he started racing MTB downhill, sail and windsurf and work as ski instructor in Austria. He graduated at the University of Economics but always wanted to be outside and “play”. Sporty lifestyle and adventurous spirit led to several accidents, which made him sit in the office more than he initially planned. The tours Meridien Ten offers are reflection of Andro’s way of traveling: being active and experiencing the local culture. When not guiding the tours, you can find him in the office working on new projects and designing new tours which guarantee great adventures and authentic experiences. 




Snjezana Tartaglia


Sales manager
Guided tour manager 


Snježana Tartaglia Franetović is another native in Meridien Ten, born in Split in 1978. After she graduated from the Faculty of Chemistry and Technology, she worked in the development department of the food production business being responsible for development of traditional food products packed in modern design. She was born with a travel bug and had travelled all around the world before two kids "occupied" her life. Snježana has another hobby - designing and handcrafting. Being a true art lover, she dedicates most of her spare time to creating handmade products, like paintings on the old wine barrels, wall clocks, kid's stuff,etc. Having such a creative, but also professional background, joining the Meridien Ten team, was a logical and a right step. Her biotechnological, artistic and creative skills are very useful for us and she is very happy to work with people creating unique tours and sharing her knowledge about Croatia.  



Ante Vujanovic 


Tour guide 

Ante was born in 1977 and is another local in the Meridien Ten team. In his youth he became passionate about biking and exploring Dalmatian islands in different ways. After he graduated from the University of Economics, he changed several jobs, from working in the Rebook Croatia Sales Department, in a software company to being a guide in the famous Meštrović Gallery in Split. In 2011 he joined the Meridien Ten team. His passion for biking and working with people have come together perfectly and now he is developing and fine-tuning our self- guided bike road books, taking care of logistics, always scouting for new, attractive bike roads and guiding bike trips. When he is not working, he likes to relax on nearby islands with his wife and kids or play the guitar and listen to good old rock and roll. 



Goran Gelic


SG tours manager
Inventory manager
Rental manager 

Goran was born in 1981 and he is most recent addition to M10 team. In his youth, he developed interest for various sports but football was the main choice, which took most of his time.  Then, sometime in 1998 he joined the local sailing team and did his first regatta, which was “mind opening” experience. He has sailed and visited every island in Adriatic Sea from Venice to Dubrovnik. Being employed for 10 years in the different accounting and management positions for the best Croatian and International companies, in 2016 he decided that it was time to take new challenges. And he joined Meridien Ten team. His main role of course is accounting, but he also manages rental and self guided logistics.



Silvia Vulic 



Born in Split 1982, Silvia joined the Meridien Ten team in November 2017. Silvia has been involved with all aspects of the yacht charter industry since her start in the charter business at the sales position. She has spent many years combining her passion for travel with the clients’ desires. After more than 10 years of Silvia’s own adventure in the tourism, she is now using her experience and enthusiasm to help our clients enjoy numerous biking, hiking and culinary adventures.Silvia is a great team worker, very detail-focused and person who is consistently exceeding client’s needs and sales expectations.



Miranda Krezic


Tour guide 

Originally from Mostar, Miranda graduated philosophy and Russian language. In her free time, she enjoys riding bicycle or hiking in the nature, practices Chinese massage and qi gong and loves to read and learn about ancient China structures and systems. Before she joined MT team, she used to organize, prepare logistics and guide bike and hike tours in Croatia and Slovenia. Having travelled the whole Croatia; Dalmatian coast and Istria as well as Slovenia she is a great addition to our sales team now! Don’t be surprised to see her on some of our guided tours as the love for the nature and outdoors is still big! 



Duje Koceic 


SG tour coordinator
Rental coordinator 
Tour guide 

Duje was born in Split. Graduated from university of Economics, he started to develop interest in tourism. In the same time his adventurous side took over and he went on a bike adventure from Ljubljana (Slovenia) to Athens (Greece), 2000 km klong journey as part of project called “With tolerance to Peace”, then he went across the whole Croatia, cycling to Vukovar, then he joined another project called “From the source to the mouth” where he paddled along 105 km of Cetina River in 1 day. Besides his projects, he leads rafting, canyoning, rock climbing and cycling tours. When not guiding, Duje is Self-guided tour coordinator.




Toni Elezovic


Inventory manager
Tour guide 

Toni Elezovic joined Meridien Ten team sometime in June of 2017. Born in 1993, he is the youngest in the team at the moment! Nevertheless, his skills are much appreciated. Fresh from the Faculty of Maritime Studies and with his sport results, twice being the second overall in Croatian championship in triathlon, he was just the right person Meridien Ten needed for the busy season of 2017. With his young enthusiastic and energetic spirit, passion for Croatia, traditional Dalmatian expressions and lifestyle which he maintains (“oćete li koju bibitu, idemo do buže na biru” ),  he is our perfect choice for leading bike trips and helping in operations department of Meridien Ten. In the free time Toni enjoy triathlon competitions, wind surfing and watching black and white movies (Fred Astaire style). Why Toni joined M10; “This job is a perfect combination of activity and movement, meeting new people and it gives me the chance to travel and discover the world while sharing my passion and beauty of Croatia.”



Georgia Bacak


Office administration 

Georgia joined MT team in 2019. Graduated from University of Economics, Georgia is in charge of all our documentation, whether it is for administrational or tour purposes. Outside the office, Georgia loves to sail out with her family on their sailboat, she is a big fan of Hajduk (Split’s most famous football team) and loves to travel. You will always see her with the smile on her face and we like to say she managed to find a Dalmatian ZEN mode. By her own words, she is just very happy to be part of M10 team! And so are we…. 



Drazen Banovic 


Bike Mechanic 

Dražen is another Meridien Ten member from Split. His profession is mechanical engineer and combining long time passion for cycling he became a superb bike mechanic. Besides this, love for music took him to the world of hi-fi and attraction to design and mechanical functionality made him an “Alfista“ – a proud owner of beautiful Italian Alfa Romeo cars. Alfa Romeo 75 Evo, an amazing “machine “, who’s roaring can still be heard on the streets of Mediterranean cities, has a special place in his heart!! He is another “behind the scenes person “ and very important link for the success of Meridien Ten tours. Without proper working hours (“what has to be done has to be done”) Dražen enjoys his morning coffee before he gets his hands dirty.. Always with the smile on his face Dražen prepares the bikes for our tours and rentals!



Dinka Tartaglia 


The year of Dinka’s birth is not important in comparison to her years and experience spent in travel business. She graduated in Dubrovnik, at the University of Tourism and has been in this profession ever since. She is our professional mentor, who actually thought us and showed us how things are done. She gained lots of experience, knowledge and skills while working in the “old” system, in one of the first travel agencies in ex-Yugoslavia, and even today there are so many things we can learn from her. At the moment, she is in charge for controlling the financial reports, and coordination between our office and accounting office. Dinka’s ancient, but original VW Beetle is always at Meridien Ten’s disposal, available for bike deliveries which makes her really happy and proud.




Tour guides: 



Mijo Bebic


Tour guide 


Join Mijo on following tours : Dalmatian coast classic, Challenging tour of Croatia, Istrian cycling tour

Mijo was born in Split in 1978. In his childhood he was active in rowing and was actually in the rowing champion team of Croatia couple of times. He graduated from Maritime High School in Split and began his maritime nautical studies at Maritime University to become a nautical officer, but although he truly likes and enjoys the sea, he never went to work on the big ships, because his interests and dedication to sport led him to some different shores. And so his ”cruises” continued, still keeping him constantly on the move – swimming, biking, running – and dedicating himself to triathlon, firstly just on a recreational basis which later led to competing in national and international races. He is also a licensed spinning instructor, personal trainer, group trainings leader and nutrition adviser. When not training or working, Mijo really enjoys playing Picigin – a traditional game played exclusively on sandy Bačvice beach in Split (The goal of this game is to impress the watchers by keeping the ball dry while doing crazy stunts in shallow water. The Picigin World Championship takes part each year in June, so if you are lucky to be here, you might see him at his best). Mijo’s philosophy is - Give everything you have, take just what you need!



Silvija Vukusic


Tour guide 


Join Silvija on following tours : Dalmatian coast classic, Family Multisport tour, Bike and Sail tours  

Split has ben Silvija’s hometown since 1987. From her early age, being outdoors and spending free time actively was a big part of her life. As she grew older, her passion and dedication to sports, like rock climbing, spelunking and hiking grew as well. Soon after that, biking took over her life when she realized that there is no better way to travel and explore a country, meet new people and discover the local history and cuisine. Silvija graduated from the Vocational School for Tourism and she speaks English and German fluently. All these things spontaneously led her to combine all her passions, talents and skills and to become a guide. She has been a part of the Meridien Ten team since 2008 and she could not wish for a better workplace -being outdoors, cycling and showing people all the beauties Croatia has to offer.




Mario Balic


Tour guide 


Join Mario on following tours : Dalmatian coast classic, Challenging tour of Croatia, Istrian cycling tour

Mario graduated on the University of Kinesiology in Split. He used to work as a freelance photographer, rafting guide and then he started to lead bike tours which only added fuel to the fire. Mario, being a road bike trainer, bike mechanic, cargo bike builder and passionate cyclist started to lead trips in Croatia (Istrian peninsula, Kvarner, Dalmatia), Montenegro, Greece, Vietnam, Cambodia and Canada. Challenging bike tours and mountain bike/gravel tours are his passion, but he will be happy to show you beauties of Croatia on our Istrian or Dalmatian Coast Classic bike tour. 




Karolina Susa 


Tour guide 


Join Karolina on following tours : Dalmatian coast classic, Family Multisport tour

Karolina loves people. Especially hosting them, be it in her home or her country. This way she gets a chance to exchange her pair of eyes for another one and see the things she’s seen a zillion times in a completely different way. She loves the great outdoors just as much. Biking the false flat hills of the Croatian islands, hiking the paths along the coast, recognising a plant or two along the way :) The rest of the time she is a proper Jack of all trades (or a Jacqueline of all trades? Hm.) She is a performer, a choreographer, a teacher, a wanderer. Let her show around a lot and show off a little and she’ll be happy. Come to Croatia. She’ll make you exercise, maybe even stretch, she’ll answer questions, but ask some as well, and feed you in the end. She will do her best to inspire you into loving her country :)